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Class M Recordings

MANTIS Festival


2015, Geomancer #1-6 (sonified), USA

2015, Luther, USA

2015, CE, USA

2015, The free world, USA

2014, In Pd, USA, World

2014, Uhura, USA, World

2013, [0kbps050] (compilation), Italy/World

2013, MMeA#3 (Mislav #1), USA

2013, Empty Rooms, USA

2013, MMeA #1, USA

2013, IFAR General Resources (compilation), UK/World

2013, 7 of 9, USA

2013, Ezri Dax, USA

2013, Ensign Ro, USA

2012, One Million (remixes), USA

2012, Digital Locked Grooves (compilation), Ukraine/World

2012, SoLo Gallery Benefit (compilation), USA, World

2012, Sounds of the Underworld (compilation), Mexico/World

2012, Doppler, USA, World, Cassette

2012, Untitled, USA, World

2011, D R U I D, USA