Dotcolor, 2018

Programming, imaging, video, serigraphy


This project was inspired by the practice of documenting travels with photography, film, and video. Collecting and sharing travel images has a paradoxical relationship to memory and place: it can simultaneously remind us of home and family while depicting other, sometimes distant, locations. Of particular interest to me is the way ephemera such as packaging, labels, and storage can become embedded in one’s memory. The design of brands such as Kodak or Polaroid act as a de facto aesthetic filter through which personal and family films are experienced. With this piece I collected a type of scrapbook of media packaging related to my own family’s history of travel documentation and processed the imagery to create a 16mm video, with each frame corresponding to a small fragment of the collage.

A Processing sketch from this project is copied below.

int x;
int y;
int z;
PImage img;
PImage nimg;

void setup() {
size(637, 478);
img = loadImage(“g.jpg”);

void draw() {
nimg = img.get(x, y, 637, 478);
image(nimg, 0, 0);
z = (z + 1);
x = x + 637;
if (x > 10191) {
x = 0;
y = (y + 478);

if (z < 460) {