MMeA #6

MMeA #6, 2016
Programing, sound, electronics, drawings

This piece was one of two works selected to be installed at Harvester Arts in response to Robert Bubp’s “Wichitopolia” exhibition. “Wichitopolia” dealt heavily with location and the human experience of a place; my response initially involved making a series of sound recordings in various locations around Wichita. I used this audio as raw material, manipulating it in Puredata by compressing the files into a minimal series of clicks and tones. The final piece consisted of a Raspberry Pi running a Puredata patch in 6-channel audio, with speakers placed in a horizontal line across one wall of the space, accompanied by drawings inspired by the audio. 

Harvester Arts provided me with an invaluable opportunity to explore the physical display for my work with sound. Presenting audio in an art setting means I’m often limited to video or one-time performances, and the chance to use a large gallery space allowed me to explore a format that deeply enriched the work. The wires connecting the various electronic components took on a quality similar to a timeline or linear map, and viewers leaned forward with their ears close to each speaker during the opening. This phenomenological presence further speaks to Bubp’s original inspiration for the piece, and can’t be faithfully reproduced as documentation.

The video below is a hybrid recording that includes 6-track “live” audio from the space as well as a direct software capture.