Dance for radio

Dance for radio, 2016- (ongoing series)
Programming, text, sound, performance

This is a collaborative project with Patricia Brace that explores the concept of scoring and communicating movement and dance in various ways.

The above is a piece of music created in the PureData programming environment for the purpose of transcribing a dance using only audio. The sound is comprised of one chord (Fmaj7) that is played continuously throughout the piece, with each of the five notes in the chord changing in volume and timbre. The highest note, which is heard first, is intended to correspond to the head, neck, or spine of the dancer’s body. The other four, which are heard in either the left or right channels, correspond to each of the dancer’s limbs. As the individual notes change, the dancer may respond by moving the associated limb(s) accordingly, with louder and more abrasive sounds denoting larger movements.

The project also incorporates a modified version of Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation, which can be employed to generate imagery and serve as carrier data for translating information across different domains.

This project was revised and built upon in 2022 while Brace was participating in the open studios residency program at MASS MoCA. The link below opens a list of 12 audio files used for separate dances, which can be played by the viewer.