The good thing about dinosaurs

The good thing about dinosaurs, 2017

Programming, 3D modeling, video, sound, sculpture, plotter print

This project is an exploration of the concept of utopia. The NSA was in the news during the time I was working on this project for a convoluted mix of reasons that posed some difficult questions about information security. I want to express the idea that access to information at a basic level is tantamount to freedom – an idea shared by many in the open source community.

Communications towers are compelling to me in their immateriality; some of the tallest structures in the world are designed to be essentially invisible. I made a series of models of various types of communications infrastructure, which despite being a hidden network have an inestimable impact on our world.

The video and sound were created with PureData and depict encrypted information in an abstract form.

The sculpture is a reference to R. Buckminster Fuller, whose work has a longstanding resonance with utopian ideas. The geodesic dome structure may also have applications in future space exploration, which further speaks to the notion of an exuberant future.

print1 24.jpg