Doxa Road

Doxa Road, 2017- (ongoing series)

Programming, digital imaging, giclée prints, serigraphy, video

This project explores the difference between the endemic information contained within an image and the subjective connotations that can imbue an image with meaning.

1 2 2017

The above version was created for a publication by the student-led art collective MODUS, which was featured in the exhibition Human Festival at Crane Arts in Philadelphia and was designed to have a visual resonance with the pages of a book. This piece is an index of the pixels from three digital photographs taken during the course of one day, rearranged to remove recognizable imagery while retaining elements like color and contrast.


Other images in this series were chosen because of their relationship to cultural beliefs, such as conspiracy theories or religious reverence. I’m fascinated by the way images can hold such a deep sense of meaning for some viewers that entire ways of life can be built or altered based on the connotations imbued in them.

2 2017

The series as a whole uses a variety of visual manipulations to alter photographs and remove their depictions. The above images are examples of color separations made for screen printing; the different color layers are deliberately rendered as obvious disparate parts, highlighting the process of deconstructing and remaking an image. The video below does this by selectively displaying four pixels from a digital picture at a time, with RGB color separation as an additional distortion.